2014 wedding photos.

So 2014 was my first proper year of Ragdoll Photography. It started with over 100 people at Keele Hall, followed by some more local ones, a stunning venue in Leicestershire which made it onto the Brides Up North wedding blog and a couple of food festivals along the way were a nice treat in more ways than one. I got nominated for my first award and made the foray into the world of wedding fairs – where I had one of the most awesome moments of 2014, when someone saw a picture I had taken and cried, (in a good way, before you wonder what I said!). A wedding with pumpkins on the warmest Halloween on record and a touching personal service in a spiritualist church at a wedding with a camper van. I also got to have some fun in a big city and spend some time hanging out with some children on family shoots. A new addition came along in the form of ‘Fun without a photobooth’, which hopefully will make more of an appearance in 2015.
I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to meet some amazing people and spend time with them.
Thank You.
To say I’m excited about this year, is an understatement!