Rustic wedding in Manchester.

When Cath and Paul first contacted me, they weren’t really sure if they wanted a photographer at their wedding. I met with them, we had a chat and we decided to keep it real relaxed, which suited me! (Cath has since said to me that she laughed and cried (happy tears) when she first saw the photos, so I’m thinking they were a bit glad I was there after all!) They had a full mass ceremony at St Hugh’s Roman Catholic Church in Timperley and then headed to Bowdon rugby club.
What I loved the most was how natural and simple things were. All through Ragdoll Photography I try and keep things simple and natural, catch me at a wedding fair and you will see that I use hesian and wood slices, crates and an old suitcase, my usb sticks are wooden and I wrap them in brown paper and string.
Cath and Paul’s wedding had hesian, wood slices, string, an old case and a pallet! I was to say the least, like a pig in mud! Enjoy these…