The person behind the wedding photographer.

Ok so this is something new for me, I don’t find blogging easy at the best of times but stick with me here! I have set myself a target to try and do it once a week, so every week you are going to get creative ramblings from me. That’s the plan anyway! Why am I doing this I hear you ask?! Why indeed! I always say to people that wedding photography is about two things 1. you have to like the photos and 2. you have to like the person.

Now that is all fine, when I’m stood talking with said mentioned people, but for anyone who has just happened to land on my wesbite, yes they can see my photos and yes I have a smart little about me bit, but in case they find themselves wondering ‘is this the right person to spend my wedding day with me’, by reading these new blog bits, they will hopefully think ‘hell yea, let’s get this girl booked!’

For those of you reading this who have already made your minds up and asked me to be at your wedding with you (goooood choice) the plan is that by the time your wedding date is here, you will feel like you know me better, which can only be a bonus!

National competition – what love means to people.

Just before I go and do something I do find easy (walk the dog) I was pretty chuffed last week to find out that a photo I entered into a national competition, with over a thousand entries, came fourth. The competition was run by eHarmony to celebrate what love means to people. The photo I entered was taken at one of the very first weddings I photographed, I use it as my main image when I do wedding fairs and if I had a pound for everyone who commented on it I could (probably) afford the trip into space that is on my ‘bucket list’. It even made somebody cry when they saw it.
For me it say’s it all.

Here it is, along with some links to the publicity it has had.

Cheers Arnold & Alma. You rock!