Natural family photography.

Last weekend I did some photos of a family in the park. I took the photos in the same way as I would a wedding, keeping things relaxed and fun, letting people be themselves. I didn’t really ask them to do anything I just spied little moments and took pictures of them. The way the little girl looked at her Dad when they were lying in the leaves; when Mum and daughter were looking at a butterfly that was drying it’s wings in the sun; the three of them feeding the ducks; watching them climb a tree…..
It got me thinking about other familes I had taken photos for; the new born being held safely by Mum and Dad; the look of love from an older cousin to his young cousin; a Grandma with her grand daughter…
I feel really lucky that I get to spend time with you people seeing these special moments, a wedding is a massive special moment and I am well chuffed when you ask me to be there with you at that time, but the moments on Saturday, they were just as special.

Unposed photos.

I don’t need to ask you to smile, or to to pull off some crazy pose, you being who you are makes it for me, everytime.
I just press the button.