So I had set myself the challenge (and it is a challenge believe me!) of doing this blogging thing every week. Week one and two done, third week ooopps I kind of missed doing this one, fourth week, also done!
So what happened in week three I hear you ask. Sharp intake of breath…..I had a week off. Now when you are trying to get a business up and running and there is only you to do it, having a week off is a big deal. Ok so I kinda did bits here and there, but mostly it was a week off. Yes I felt guilty and it was really hard, but it was some good time and now I’m back on it.
Some really good friends came all the way up from my old home (down in the West Country) to see me in my new home, I did some tidying (I like to tidy) and started preparing the spare room for it’s full on transition into work space. I went to see some dinosaurs in the rain.
And I mostly spent a lot of time with the thing in all of the pictures that follow. (as requested now follows lot’s of pictures)
May I introduce to you. Freya.