Leicester Guildhall Wedding.

Leicester Guildhall dates back about 600 years and is one of the best preserved timber framed halls in the country. It’s also the perfect location for a civil ceremony.

This was my last wedding of 2015, it rained. Did that bother us!? Course not! Catherine and Jen still got married, they still had a good time and we still got some pretty cool pictures. It did help that there were some pretty ace places inside Leicester Guildhall – which is where they got married, there were also two lovely ladies on hand to do a bit of dress/umbrella carrying when needed.

First look.

I was privlieged enough to be there at the moment Catherine and Jen saw each other for the first time just before the ceremony. Seeing Jen’s face just as Catherine came into the room and Catherine seeing Jen, for me was one of ‘those moments’.

Two brides and a dog.

In fact this wedding had a couple of moments, including Catherines best friend from Australia being flown over for the wedding as a surprise organised by Jen, and Stevie their dog wearing a matching bowtie.
Although I think the most memorable part of the day was when the registrar got their names mixed up during the vows! Cue a bit of confusion and plenty of laughing!

After the ceremony we headed to North Bar and Kitchen – which is actually Jen and Catherines local, being about 100m from their house.

Involving your dog in you wedding?? I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch.