Spring wedding at Consall Hall Gardens.

Consall Hall Gardens based in Staffordshire, ‘only’ has over 70 acres of stunning gardens, all of which have been carefully planned and built to compose a series of living pictures. The outside area is a dream for a photographer like me who likes to be outdoors.

Sarah and Aaron got married here on Easter Monday and wanted to make full use of the gardens for their ‘alone time’ photos. So we jumped on a golf buggy and off we went, I don’t think we even covered an acre, but we got some ace photos!

Outdoor wedding ceremony?

The plan, right up until about twenty minutes beforehand, was to have the ceremony outside. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and instead of sun, we had every weather possible thrown at us. We got hail, rain, wind and freezing temperatures. Sarah and Aaron were determined to brave it and we ventured out for some photos, whilst the guests enjoyed hot chocolate and popcorn, straight after the ceremony. Just after we finished and were heading back in to defrost things totally changed and the sun made an appearance. So after the wedding breakfast we popped out again and did a few more photos.

DIY wedding.

The wedding had lots of DIY touches even including personal vows which Sarah and Aaron had both written. After the ceremony guests were free to explore the gardens as well as being offered guided tours on a buggy. The wedding breakfast was afternoon tea – which just kept coming and coming! It was beautifully presented and served on vintage china, this was followed by the speeches.

Sarah and Aaron are both testament to going with whatever happens and being flexible. It worked and they have some gorgeous natural wedding photos to show for it.

Getting married in Staffordshire? Want photos that are full of energy and emotion? Drop me a message.