twins at a wedding in staffordshire

St Mary’s Church wedding, Stafford.

Here is the start of many back logged weddings for this blog thing. The joy of being flat out photographing and then editing a million weddings over the Summer. (Well maybe it wasn’t quite a million but quite a few!)
Apparently David owes Hayley big time! (It’s in writing now too!)
And this is why….they got married in church, St Mary’s church, in Stafford. Which as churches go is pretty impressive.
Not one for these sorts of establishments, Hayley made an exception because it was important to David. That is what you do when you love someone and to me that’s pretty good grounds for marriage.

Staffordshire village hall wedding reception.

After the ceremony they headed to Stowe by Chartley village hall, in Tilly – a vintage split screen camper van. Now I have worked with Tilly and her driver, Rich, before (both are very cool in very different ways), so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem when I said could we take ten minutes out to drive up the road to a field I had spied beforehand. We headed there to make some of the most beautiful photos.
It was all very chilled out and relaxed and it was obvious what was important to these two, family.
A wedding isn’t about how much you spend, if it will grace the pages of a glossy magazine or if you cut the cake. It’s about what is important to you both.
One of my favourite photos was taken just as Hayley and David were sat outside the hall on a bench waiting to go in for the food. They both look sooooo relaxed and happy, two things which make an awesome wedding.

Having a laid back wedding?! Count me in! Drop me a message with some details.