bride playing rock paper scissors with bridesmaids

Keele chapel wedding, Staffordshire.

So I haven’t blogged in ageeeeeees but now I’m back on a roll with them.

Keele chapel is slap bang in the middle of the Keele university campus and has a retro 60s architecture thing going on!

This was one of the first weddings I did back at the start of Summer.
I had only met Paul once before as he was mainly living in Holland then which is where he is from. Beci on the other hand lives about ten minutes from me and I have met her lot’s of times. That is because I know Beci from school. Waaaaait a minute I hear you say, school?! Ok so obviously we weren’t at school together at the same time! In an ‘almost’ past life, I worked in schools in various roles and when I met Beci she was a Sixth Form student at the high school I was working in. She tried to teach me how to do a Rubiks cube in seconds and I in turn taught her nothing….oohh actually I may have shown her how to chop an onion once.

Justin Alexander wedding dress.

The day they got married was absolutely boiling and I was’t the one wearing a Justin Alexander wedding dress! That didn’t stop Beci and Paul heading off into the grounds of Keele Hall to make some pictures, including one that involved a human chair and an impromptu game of rock, paper, scissors! Don’t ask, just look….

Wedding reception at the Mill in Stone.

Having having tea and cakes at the chapel everyone headed to The Mill restaurant in Stone, Staffordshire. The Mill has a history of over 400 years of corn milling and is the ‘birth place’ of Hovis. It is now a Mediterranean influenced restaurant, hotel and wedding venue.