bride and groom stand near pond at The Ashes

Favourite wedding photographs from 2016

So this year has totally blown my expectations out of the water! Like completely!
My first wedding was just over four years ago. I was armed with the first dslr I owned and one which I borrowed. One was a Canon and one was a Nikon, which kinda complicated things on the day because they both worked slightly differently. Fun! The wedding in question was that of Kim and Liam. Kim has two sisters and a brother and next year I will be completing the set by photographing Tom’s wedding. It’s things like this where I still have to pinch myself that it’s actually for real!
47 weddings later (including one abroad)…..
My target number of weddings for this year was 25. I’ve just finished number 26.

Full time photographer!

Another target was to get to April and give up the other job I’ve been working . I’m sat here writing this now officially able to say I’m a full time wedding photographer, having left the other job a couple of weeks ago.
I’ve also stepped into the world of family photography, which is basically, hanging out and having some fun for an hour.
Ragdoll HQ got it’s very own space for me to work in (I’ve mostly filled it with fairy lights and sweets!)
I got my own swanky little logo, which I can safely say has gone down a storm.

Not just a Staffordshire wedding photographer.

I’ve visited Windsor, Oxford and the Cotswolds. Next year I’m off to the Lake District, London and Manchester.
I get to call all of this ‘work’.

One of the most amazing things has been, being there on one of the most important days of couples lives. I’ve been there to share in the laughter when bridesmaids try and steam their dresses with a floor steamer. I’ve been there when the groom and best man are sat around a camp fire at the end of the day. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve cried in the ceremony, with the bride who needed a million tissues, or
during the speeches, of a couple who met by chance, on a road trip in America.
But do you know what? I’ve seen first hand through all of my weddings that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, where you decide to get married or how old you are….it’s all about the love.
Sound cheesy? Maybe.
True? Definitely.
ALL of these photos just happened. I don’t ever get people to pose and this is why…….

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