Booking a wedding photographer?

Planning a wedding for the first time is a big thing! It probably also means you’re not sure how things work. When it comes to picking a wedding photographer there are hundreds to choose from, so how do you even begin to decide?!

Now this isn’t the law or anything, but after five years of doing this wedding photography thing and talking to lots of people who are in the same position as you are now, I’ve picked up one or two things that you might want to think about and that you will hopefully find useful.

So if you haven’t already, grab a cuppa and get comfy, here we go….

The first thing I will say is; Photographers often get booked up a year (or more) in advance, so start trying to decide quite early on in your planning. I’m always gutted when an enquiry comes through for a date that I’m already booked for! (This happened twice* in two days last week. Sad times.) *Update: 4 times within a week.

Natural, unposed photography.

When talking with couples I always say to them, the photos are only half of what you are investing in. The other half is the person behind the camera.

Do you get one with them? Do you feel relaxed around them? Can you put your trust in them on one of the most important days of your lives? Remember, their photos might look brilliant but if you don’t feel comfortable around the person taking them, are they going to capture you in the best way?

Your wedding photos, (along with the ring) are the lasting memories from your day that you will look back on in years to come. Booking a great photographer will give you photos that will make you feel something or take you back to the moment when it was taken.

Take time to think about the sort of pictures that you like: Formal and traditional or relaxed and natural? There are loads of different names for different styles of photography floating around, (fine art, documentary, alternative…) it doesn’t really matter about how it is being labelled. Look at the photos, in fact look at lots of photos. Which ones stand out? What is it about them that you like? Can you see yourselves in those sort of photos? (It might actually be easier to decide on what you don’t want or don’t like!)

Recommendations from your friends or family, are great, (word of mouth bookings are my biggest compliment,) but it doesn’t necessarily mean the photographer that was right from them, is right for you! That’s why you need to get a feel for the photographer, (I don’t mean literally btw!) The first chance to do this will probably be from their website. What language do they use? Is there anything in the ‘about me‘ section that you have in common?

Make a first contact with them, drop them an email or use the contact form on their website. (I still, without fail, get excited every single time an enquiry lands in my inbox! It’s super useful if you include a mobile number in your enquiry, this way I can text you to say I have replied, just in case the pesky junk folder has eaten my reply email! It’s also pretty useful if you include the date of your wedding in your enquiry. Failing that, say as much or as little as you like!)

The next step could be to have a chat with them. (I offer all my couples the chance to either Skype or come to meet me. I have a collection of excellent meeting places – these generally involve tea, cake or a pub garden. Skype is brilliant if time or distance is a thing and even though it feels kinda odd talking to a computer screen, I think I’m slowly getting over this!)

Consider; Are they easy to talk to? Are they listening to what you want? Are they interested in you (and your plans)?

So if you’re still struggling, hold off from that Google search, look no further…….I know a really great, ninja-esque, relaxed photographer, who’s easy to get along with and will smack you in the face with emotion filled photos.



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