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Only a Staffordshire wedding photographer?

This Sunday I got to hang out at a wedding fair at the County Buildings in my home town of Stafford.

On the walk back to the car after packing up, I got thinking about the number of times I’m asked by couples, ‘Where will you travel to?’

Each time this question comes, it takes me by surprise as my answer is always the same – anywhere, where ever your wedding is taking place!

For me this is never even something I think to mention as I will and love to travel anywhere around the world!                                                                                                                

If you want me to be part of your wedding day, then I’m there – car, train or plane, it’s not a problem! It’s the most amazing feeling every time a couple chooses me!!

Thinking of booking a photographer?

But then on reflection, I began to realise that this is an important factor when considering which photographer to book! Maybe worries such as; what will the additional cost be? Will she get to the ceremony on time? What if the journey is too far? come into play and these thoughts which might stop you from choosing who you really want…. Stop you from choosing me!

So let me try and help!

First things first, let’s talk money. I try really hard to make everything as simple and transparent as can be. I’m sure with planning a wedding you’ve got enough stuff to be thinking about! So the prices you see on the how much page, are the prices you pay. I don’t add any extra on for travel, all travel within the UK is included. I love getting to go to new places and shoot at venues I haven’t been to before and if you are asking me to be there with you, why should you pay extra for the pleasure?!

As for getting there on time, if I feel that I can’t make the journey on the morning of your wedding, then I would always travel at least the night before and stay in the local area. (I’ve stayed in some ace places near venues – a shepherds hut by a pond was a highlight.) That way I’m close to your venue, I might even go and spy those unique places that I will whip the pair of you off to during the big day for your ‘alone time’ photos. (I love a tree that’s waiting to be climbed, a lush wall that acts as the perfect backdrop or a field where you can just have some peace and quiet and then I can set about capturing memories that are completely personal to you!)

I know this will sound cheesy but I really do – ‘have the BEST job in the world and I have to pinch myself that I get to do it everyday.’

You put your trust in me to be there, be on time and to ‘do my thing,’ which for you means, me taking photographs that will allow you to re-live the emotion you felt on the day over and over again.

So back to the original question – ‘where will I travel?’

Forget the miles, the distance only provides me with the opportunity to ‘naturally capture’ love in many parts of the world.

My answer – ANYWHERE!

Thinking of booking me as your photographer? Have some other questions? (Please ask questions! I don’t envy anyone trying to plan a wedding and I know that if I was having to plan one, I would have lots of things to ask!)

Say Hi!

I’d love to hear from you; tell me about you, tell me about your plans!

So, Yes I might be based in Staffordshire but I’ve been to Windsor, Rhodes, Oxford, Manchester, Ludlow, The Cotswolds and most recently London, photographing weddings (just to name a few places off the top of my head!)

Add your location to this list!

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(All of the photos of this page were taken at weddings outside of Staffordshire!)