Natural, unposed wedding photography.

Straight off I’m going to say that these are just my thoughts on things that I’ve noticed since I started this whole wedding photography thing. It’s not to say it’s the same for everybody and I’m definitely not saying any of it is easy to do!

9 times out of 10 the first contact couples make with me often includes them saying something about how they hate having their photo taken or that they are no good at posing. – GREAT! I know exactly how that feels (why do you think I’m always behind the camera?!) This means I take photos in the most natural way possible, yes, even that couple of important group photos that you want, can be done in a natural way (does it matter what side people stand??) 

I don’t do posing and I limit the amount I get involved with the photos I’m taking. That way, the real moment has been captured totally as it happened without any direction from me. Find out more about my approach to your wedding photographer here.

To me, as soon as you start to pose someone that’s when they feel more awkward and uncomfortable (which will only ever look bad in photos.) Setting up or posing things isn’t a true reflection of your day either, as that wasn’t what was actually happening – which is surely what you want to capture and remember? 

Your friends larger than life personality…your sisters belly laugh or your Nana doing her thing.

wedding guest singing
brides sister laughing holding order of service

Staffordshire wedding photographer top 5

Everything I do I try and make you feel as comfortable as possible and keep things simple.

I got thinking about what information I could share with couples planning a wedding and starting to look at photographers.

It made sense to me to share something that would benefit you and was something that I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t a wedding photographer!

How to get the best wedding photos!

1. Book the photographer that’s right for YOU.

Think about what kind of photos are important to you, which ones would you have on your wall?

Do your research, ask friends (although remember that just because they were right for your friends, they still might not be the right fit for you), get an idea of what sort of photos appeal to you. 

My best bit of advice (to do with any supplier you are looking at booking for your big day) is to book like minded people, choose people that you get on with and share things in common with. It will definitely help to give you the wedding that best reflects you. (This will also help with tip 2.)

Talking about friends – have one that has a good camera and is offering to do your wedding photos? If someone gave you a good guitar, would you be able to play a song on it?! Getting great wedding photos is about so much more than the camera, your photographer will have experience, vision and a creative eye….does your friend? You can’t go back and redo the day!

2. Trust them.

Once you’ve booked the one, trust them! Would you take your car for an mot/service and start telling them how to do it?

Sure, tell them if you have a specific photo you would like for sentimental reasons or if something unique is happening, tell your photographer, otherwise, let them do their job – it’s what they do best!

3. Be yourselves!

Your photos, along with the rings are the only things left after the day is done. When it comes to having a few pictures of just the two of you, if you focus on each other it will help you relax. Concentrate on this and it will feel more like having ten minutes out together, with less emphasis on having your photo taken. I encourage my couples (and their guests) not to look at me when I take their photos and to try and ignore me as much as possible!


This is something that I probably would never have thought about! Light plays a big part in photography. My photography is based around using as much natural light as possible – it’s less obtrusive than using flash and without wanting to state the obvious, it’s natural!

So if you want ace photos and you are getting married in Winter, consider having an early ceremony so it gives your photographer a chance!

bride and groom walking towards gate

5. Time.

So it’s your wedding day and there’s loads happening. My packages are based on hours so you can use the hours however suits you best, in that time I can capture what is important to you. 

Another thing I didn’t realise was that wedding day time seems to go waaaaaay faster than normal time! So if there are certain photos you specifically want (including group photos – there is always someone who is in the toilet or at the bar at the very second they are needed for a picture), make time for this. 

About a month before the wedding day I always have a chat with all my couples to go through timings and get a ‘plan’ together for on the day. I can help you think about how to use your package hours, give you an idea of how long different parts of the day will take and tell you that group photos always take longer than you think! (Even with a helpful bridesmaid or a best man with a big mouth!)

5a – a bonus point! Food.

Set some time aside for your photographer to eat and drink! I’m not saying you have to feed them (although that is always welcomed) but a fed and watered photographer can only be a good thing right?! I don’t take photos of you or your guests eating (- that wouldn’t be good for anyone), so this is a perfect time to change batteries in my cameras, have some food myself and just have a bit of time to refresh.

Have any questions to do with photos on your wedding day, booking a photographer or anything I’ve written here? Drop me a message!