black and white photo of bride with hand to face

Mytton & Mermaid wedding, Shropshire.

The Mytton and Mermaid hotel is a beautiful grade ii listed building and sits right next to the river Severn. It used to be a coaching inn and still retains the atmosphere of comfort and calm from then.

Right next door is St Eata’s church, a lovely red sandstone, 12th century church which is where Amy and James had their wedding ceremony. They then headed to the Mytton and Mermaid for drinks in the garden and then a sit down wedding breakfast.

Justin Alexander wedding gown.

I joined Amy whilst she was having her hair and make up done in Bramble Cottage which is just behind the hotel. Hanging up from one of the beams was the most gorgeous blush coloured Justin Alexander wedding gown. I love being able to photograph the wedding dress ‘as is’ during the preparations, I think it makes more sense to have it hanging in the room where you are getting ready, than for me to take it off somewhere and then take pictures of it.

James and Amy wanted a 1920s feel to the day so along with the blush gown, James wore a tweed suit and flat cap. 

Forgotten rings!

Unusually before the ceremony Amy was looking after the wedding rings. They were in a lovely little wooden box that had been engraved especially for the day – I got to take photos of it in situ at the cottage during the bridal prep that morning.

The trouble was, when Amy arrived at the church (luckily only about a 100m from the hotel) and was asked by the vicar ‘do you have the rings’, it turns out that they were still in the lovely little wooden box, in the cottage!!

Intimate first dance.

Another stand out point from this wedding was when Amy and James did their first dance. It was going to be done on the quiet, rather than in front of their guests. They played the song through a tiny speaker linked up to a phone and did their first dance outside, under a tree right by the river. Just the two of them with no-one else around. It was a really intimate and special moment that I was lucky enough to be asked to capture.

Thinking of doing your first dance alone too? Or planning a wedding in Shropshire? Get in touch.


outside photo of the venue
photo of Bramble cottage
wooden wedding ring box
bride having make up done
bride looking in mirror during prep
wedding guest having tie fastened
blush justin alexander wedding gown
black and white photo of bride with hand to face
black and white photo of bride
photo of groom and best man laughing in church
bride looking at groom in church
black and white photo of bride and groom in church
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two wedding guests laughing
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black and white picture of bride and groom
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wedding photo of bride and groom on bridge
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newly married couple doing first dance by river