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Staffordshire wedding photographer top tips on booking a professional.

The idea behind this post is to give you information that might help you. Most couples haven’t planned a wedding before, so I’m just sharing some stuff I know, that might help.

I’m not saying for a second you should spend say £2000 on a wedding photographer – I totally get that everyone has a different wedding budget. I’m also not saying that you should book me!

I’m just saying do your research! All that is left after your day (apart from your rings) are the photos. I’ve spoken to so many people who have been disappointed with the pictures from their wedding day, having booked a ‘cheap’ photographer.I’m also saying that just because your friend has ‘a good camera’, it doesn’t mean their photos will be any good. If your friend had a set of spanners would you let them service your car?! Equally, leaving it to your guests to capture your day, might not leave you with the kind of photos that you want to look back on, for years to come.

Wedding photography is a skill, part of what you are paying for is the photographers creative eye and (depending on what you’re after) their ability to capture moments naturally, showing the emotion of your day. 

By booking a professional wedding photographer you are investing in their experience, equipment (including back up gear), knowledge and insurances. Last year I smashed one of my lenses just before the ceremony, I had a spare in my bag and then my insurance covered the repair and loaned me a temporary replacement until mine was fixed!

I have two camera bodies on me at all times and another spare in the car. Each of the cameras I use has two memory cards in them (incase one memory card fails), I swap cards through-out the day and once I’m done I keep one set of cards on me at all times, until I’m able to back them up. – Talking of which, after I’m done at your wedding I back up all your photos in three different places.

Obviously I am going to champion booking a professional and I’m verrrrrry passionate about photography. Here are some helpful tips to look into; There are wedding photographers out there to suit all budgets, some like me offer a cheaper mid week price. Maybe if you can’t stretch the budget for all day photography see if the photographer will just do part of the day –  with this in mind I offer a shorter, 5 hour package. Lastly, see if your photographer offers a digital only package (or ideally the chance to order an album at a later date.) 100% photos look amazing printed out or in a top quality album (and these are without doubt, going to be much better quality than those you can order online) but when these are added into packages, they could account for a big chunk of your photography budget. I don’t include albums as standard in any of my packages but you can contact me whenever you like after your wedding, if you want to order one. 

Hope my weddingy wisdom has given you some food for thought…

Here are some photos from a wedding at Hilltop Country House…see if you can work out which were taken by guests and which were taken by the professional! (Thanks to Joanne Mills – who did book a professional!)

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