Lake Vyrnwy church wedding.

Even though I advertise myself as a Staffordshire wedding photographer, more often than not I get weddings that are all over the country. I love travelling around getting to see new venues and locations – and as places go, this one was beautiful.

Lake Vyrnwy is actually a reservoir in Powys, Wales. It’s surrounded by hills, woodlands and an RSPB nature reserve and is nothing short of being totally stunning. It even has a fairytale tower! Lake Vrynwy hotel and spa is a country house hotel that has the most spectacular views overlooking the lake. It was the perfect wedding reception venue for Francesca and Adam. 

Change of wedding plans!

Francesca originally got in touch with me waaaaay back in 2015 a mere 20 months before their wedding date, towards the end of 2016 I had an email from them both saying they had changed the date of the wedding. Panicking slightly that I might already be booked, I quickly went to check. Luckily it was my last free date in August. Date changed, panic avoided! In May 2016 I got another message from them both, full of sorries, this time saying that they were bringing the wedding forward to July 24th and hoping that I could still do the photos. As their wedding was now going to be on a Monday I was still actually able to be there to photograph their celebrations! The reason for all the changes was a pretty important one – and one that would provide the most amazing surprise for guests later in the day…Francesca and Adam were expecting a baby! 

Natural, relaxed wedding photos.

When I met up with the couple to talk through their plans for on the day, they were both keen to keep the photo side of things relaxed, natural and informal. We got the family ones done quickly at the church straight after the ceremony, they then jumped in the convertible car (that Adam had bought – a genius idea, as it was cheaper than hiring one), I followed behind and we headed off down some little country lanes to do some photos around the Lake.

Surprise gender reveal & fireworks.

Francesca and Adam had told me, ahead of this moment, how they were going to reveal the gender of their baby to everyone as a surprise. So after the wedding breakfast all the guests were encouraged to gather outside the reception room and look up towards one of the bedrooms that had a balcony – where Adam and Francesca were both now stood with a giant confetti canon – this contained confetti that was either blue or pink. To be stood amongst all their friends and family about to find this out was verrrrrry exciting! Especially as to start with no-one had a clue what was going on, the atmosphere was electric. 

The confetti was pink and Francesca and Adam now have a lovely daughter – Pippa.

To wrap up the day a stunning firework display took place overlooking the lake. 

list of things to do on morning of wedding
mother of bride in kitchen
bride holding card from husband to be
flower girl watching bridesmaid have make up done
black and white picture of page boys hugging
flower girls sandles and soft toy on floor
brides mum cutting bread in kitchen
old family wedding photo
bridesmaid getting ready
wedding guest pulling funny face
wedding order of service
groom with best man
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groom outside church
wedding transport
emotional groom waiting fir bride in church
bride smiling at groom during service
groom wiping tear away during wedding service
black and white photo of bride and groom sharing order of service
groom twisting wedding ring
bride with bridesmaids in pink dresses
husband and wife watching fireworks

Getting married in stunning North Wales? Having fireworks? Want relaxed, natural wedding photos? Send me a message!