bride holding flower girl and laughing

Favourite photo of a Staffordshire Wedding Photographer.

It was easy to pick this as one of my favourite photos.

It includes two things that I love at weddings; laughter and little people.

Natural, unposed wedding photography.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about natural, unposed wedding photography is because of moments like this. This is a totally pure, naturally captured moment between a Mum and her daughter / a bride and her flower girl. The laughter is as real as it gets, as is the look on the little girls face. Genuine laughter like this isn’t something that can be posed.

Laughter filled moments at weddings.

Weddings are full of happy people laughing and it’s my job to capture them. I look for and pick up on moments that are happening between groups of friends, couples and children – especially when they don’t realise they are being watched, often provide perfect smiles and laughs.

I love how both are caught up in the whatever is going on and they are not looking at the camera. Instead the little girl looks slightly bemused at whatever has made her Mum laugh but is still just doing her thing – holding onto her cuddly toy and playing with the necklace her Mum is wearing. 

The best wedding photos are made when people are relaxed and just being themselves, this ticks both of these boxes.

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