two brides just got dressed for their wedding

Photographing a wedding at Asia House.

As a Staffordshire wedding photographer, I’m always surprised at how many weddings I photograph, that aren’t actually in Staffordshire! Maybe it’s because all UK travel is included in my packages prices!

So when Rachael and Anna contacted me about their wedding at Asia House in London, I packed my bags and headed to the capital.

Asia House is a beautiful Georgian townhouse, which is the perfect place for a wedding. Being in London we also had no end of places to take photos!

Relaxed, natural wedding photos.

The only photo that needed any direction from me was the confetti throwing as this had to be done in a street next to Asia house, meaning all the wedding guests had to move out of the way when a car came! As I don’t normally get involved with directing photos and there was the chance someone was going to get run over, let’s just say the photo was taken pretty quickly!

My style of wedding photography is quite hands off, I’m not into telling you what to do, instead I prefer to capture what you are doing naturally. Rachael and Anna did a lot of smiling and laughing so capturing moments between them in a documentary way was easy!

London was a great place for wedding, guests travelled on a red bus and the buildings were a great backdrop.

This wedding also provided moments and images that totally summed up how important it was to both brides at being able to marry. – Something that I think can be easily taken for granted.

I missed publishing this blog post during pride month because putting words together recently, that make any sense has been quite difficult. As someone who is part of the LGBT community, both professionally and personally, nothing makes me more proud to witness couples like Rachael and Anna getting married.

I love getting to travel with my wedding photography and this was no exception. If you are getting married in London, you should drop me a message!

photo of wedding ring in box
bride hugging sister in law
bride to be doing sisters necklace up
bride having lipstick applied before wedding at Asia House
close up picture of two brides holding hands
two brides just got dressed for their wedding
couple of brides walking down stairs in London hotel
photos of two brides taken through a window
Excited bride cutting cake with wife
two brides doing first dance