newly married couple waiting outside tipi

My first wedding of the year was back in April and was all the way down in Devon. I love photographing weddings in my home county of Staffordshire but I actually also really enjoy getting to travel to new places, and let’s face it, you can’t go far wrong in beautiful Devon.

Tipi wedding in Devon.

I knew I also couldn’t go far wrong when it came to photographing the wedding of Clara and Kyle. If I had a personal tick list of things I love at weddings, their wedding ticked a lot of those boxes.

A tipi in a field, tug-of-war, chilled out wedding guests all enjoying themselves, hand-picked flowers for the bride and bridesmaids, enough food and drink to sink a ship and a cider swilling live band.

Relaxed, unique wedding photography.

Being a documentary photographer who focuses more on what is happening than creating staged moments, means I get to photograph the weddings of couples who value doing things their way. Rather than me setting up lot’s of posed photos, I went about capturing the day exactly as Clara and Kyle planned it….including an ‘alternative cutting the cake’ – check the photos of this bit out, it won’t be like anything you will have seen before!!

Planning on doing your wedding day, your way? Get in touch with me about being there with you.

calendar showing date of wedding
bride and bridesmaid having make up done
grooms buttonhole detail
black and white photo of groom before wedding
bride having cup of tea on wedding morning
father of bride grating cheese
mother of bride sorting husbands pocket hanky
henna detail on brides hand
bride putting earrings in
mother of bride helping bride into dress
help during bridal prep
close up photo of father of brides present
vicar, bride and dad walking up to church
groom inside church before wedding
bride putting wedding ring on grooms finger
bride and groom signing wedding register
newly wed bride and groom leaving church
bride and groom outside church
wedding guests leaving church after ceremony
wedding guests in wellies
world map seating plan
inside tipi on Devon farm
wedding guests laughing with bride
bride and groom walking through field
newly married couple toasting with bottle of drink
bride and groom looking relaxed
close up photo of brides hand on husbands knee
wedding guest throwing beanbags
sack race at tipi wedding in Devon
photo showing tipi in field and wedding guests playing games
groom pulling tug of war rope
photo of bride on floor after tug of war
Couple blowing up wedding cake on wedding day
wedding cake being blown up using canon
bits of blown up wedding cake
newly married couple waiting outside tipi
father of bride doing speech
bride being hugged by bridesmaid
black and white photo of guest hugging groom
bride climbing over fence in wedding dress
bride and groom looking at wedding rings
black and white photo of bride and groom laughing
couple doing first dance at wedding
wedding guest and bride dancing
dancing at wedding reception