wedding photo of two brides at The Ashes

The Ashes Barns Wedding with Krisitina & Ki.

This was my third visit to The Ashes Barns wedding venue in Staffordshire and it certainly didn’t disappoint! As Staffordshire wedding venues go, The Ashes would be at the top of my list of recommendations. You are able to have everything in one place, the staff know exactly what they are doing, it’s somewhere you can put your own stamp on and there are loads of great places for photos. All those things, makes it a winner in my book!

Two brides, one photographer & few tears.

Getting to know my couples is one thing that I really pride myself on. Kristina and Ki had met and booked me two years before their wedding day and in that time we shared emails, met up and did some pre-wedding photos at the zoo. Needless to say when it came to their wedding day I felt a real connection with them. I shared in the relaxed morning Ki had, getting ready with her sisters and best friends, drinking shots and kicking a football around, to the emotional, very honest speech Kristina gave before the wedding breakfast. I totally felt Ki’s anticipation and flood of feelings when she first saw her wife to be and appreciated all the creative, little touches Kristina had organised. All of which made this Ashes Barns wedding one to remember.

Relaxed, natural wedding photography.

I don’t think I would describe Kristina and Ki as the most conventional couple but they weren’t trying to be different either. They were themselves and their wedding day at The Ashes Barns, reflected that. They had skulls and elephants, a cake made to their own design and wine for the toasts that shimmered – what more could you want!?

Thinking of booking The Ashes for your wedding? Book me to take photos! Contact me.

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