wedding guest holding drink in the air during wedding speeches

Top wedding photos 2018 round up.

So 2018 is done!

I’d like to say it’s flown, but in reality it’s felt like one of the longest years of my life. On a personal note it’s been quite a difficult year, when in April my life was turned upside down.

Luckily for me I get to ‘work’ with some amazing couples and spending one of the most important days of their lives, with them and their friends and family, has been a great distraction.

It’s amazing knowing these couples have chosen me to be there with my cameras to capture their wedding day. Photographing a wedding is all consuming and gives me chance to focus solely on creating photos that are full of real moments – and 2018 had plenty of them. 

I’ve packed up my camera gear and travelled to weddings in Devon, Lancashire, Cheshire, Birmingham, London, Leicestershire and Denbighshire.

When I did my best of 2017, I said to myself that I wouldn’t leave it until the last minute to go through the thousands of images I have from weddings I photographed this year….let’s just say the thought was there!

There’s been dogs at weddings (more dogs at weddings please) and castles, tipis on a farm and tense games of jenga, Grandmas with new knickers, best men in ponds and a 79 year old getting to be bridesmaid for the first time (what a legend)…not to mention a wedding cake that got blown up!

2018 saw me become a recommended photographer at The National Space Centre, and The Bond Company both great alternative wedding venues and the beautiful Windsor Guildhall.

Special mention goes to two venues where I had the most delicious puddings ever (and I’m not one for puddings!) Mitton Hall where the sticky toffee pudding was so light I thought it was going to float away and Tudor Barn Eltham who gave me ‘probably’ the best panna cotta I’ve ever tasted!

I still find it unbelievable that I get to do this as a job and share in all these moments. I also never imagined that by taking photos of some guests at previous weddings, would result in them asking me to be their wedding photographer! – This is probably the ultimate compliment and I will never take what I do for granted.

As always thanks goes to all of those couples and families who have been in front of one of my cameras, as well as a big shout out to all the people who support what goes on behind the camera. 

The thanks this year is a bit bigger than usual. I’m very grateful for all the love, support and messages.

Are you getting married and want a photographer to capture your day in a relaxed and natural way? Get in touch!

bride having hair done on morning of wedding
brides mum with hands in front of her face
father of bride grating cheese
bride having help putting shoe on
photo of grandad looking at tomato plants
bridesmaids trying to put popcorn in a bowl
black and white photo of father of bride hugging her
mother of bride holding flowers and wedding rings
groom cutting label off wedding suit
brides hand on mums shoulder
bridal prep photo of bride holding a mirror
bridesmaids in flowery dresses looking at bride
black and white photo of bride and grooms mothers
mother of bride offering her scones
Groom getting ready with ushers
brides sister laughing
bride with pink hair touching her dads face
bride getting lipstick off teeth of bridesmaid
black and white photo of brides mum drinking beer
groom having help with button hole from best man
three wedding guests looking at mobile phone
black and white photo of two brides in the back of a wedding car
bridesmaid with bird poo on hand
three bridesmaids taking a selfie
bride in wedding dress walking down staircase
two brides kiss before wedding ceremony
groom with best men in sunglasses
two brides laughing during civil ceremony
black and white photo of two brides during wedding ceremony
two brides in wedding dresses celebrate getting married
best friend watching wedding ceremony
brides son hugging her after wedding ceremony
son of bride hugging her
weddings guests taking photo of baby on mobile
black and white photo of tractor and trailer at wedding
dog licking face of groom
bride looking down wifes wedding dress
black and white photo of groom with his nan laughing
photo of bride and groom taken through archway
two brides in dresses with veil blowing across their faces
alternative husband and wife on wedding day
newly weds laughing
photo of alternative bride and groom holding hands
bride blowing dandelion at husband
wedding day photo of two brides in front of a tree
bride wearing grooms sunglasses
picture of two brides with their dog on wedding day
brides veil blowing over face
brides veil blowing in wind
photo of newly married couple sat inside a camper van
black and white wedding photo of groom sat on old car
two brides at the ashes barns
newly wed couple with their dogs on wedding day
bride and from smiling at each other
bride and groom holding hands walking through field
alternative bride and groom laughing
two brides sat on bench laughing
two brides in wedding dresses at the national space centre6
black and white photo of bride and groom laughing
two brides walking along after civil ceremony
bride and groom holding hands walking through field
wedding day photo of two brides
wedding guest playing jenga at the ashes barns wedding venue
black and white photo of brides mum pulling funny face
bride hugging bridesmaid and flower girl
dog resting head on wedding dress
bridesmaid pointing to lipstick on brides sisters cheek
two flower girls walking by canal
wedding guest showing grandad mobile phone
tattooed wedding guest holding grooms hand
wedding guest laughing
black and white wedding day photo
three wedding guests dancing
wedding guest holding hand of grandma
best man in pond holding mobile out of the water
wedding guest pulling funny face
bride with confetti down her wedding dress
wedding guest eating cupcake
bride on floor after game of tug-of-war
baby holding the fingers of older relative
wedding guests eating ice-cream
emotional brides parents
wedding guest crying during speeches
father of bride making speech
wedding guest holding drink in the air during wedding speeches
wedding guest laughing
alternative wedding couple blowing up cake
flower girl sat on knee of bride
flower girl hugging bride
black and white photo of two little girls trying on Photo Booth props
two brides celebrate
wedding guests having glitter put on beard
newly weds sitting on the grass at the holford estate
wedding guest in red dress sat watching wedding reception
father of bride hugging her
two brides lifting up dresses to walk
bride and groom stood in sun at Brocton Hall
bride with pink hair hugs husband
photo of baby reaching towards pint
bridesmaid in purple dress dancing
Black and white photo of two brides dancing surrounded by wedding guests
first dance at brocton hall
black and white photo of wedding guest pulling a face
back lit photo of alternative bride and groom
young wedding guest reaching for sweets