bride and groom blowing up wedding cake

I’m always on the look out for inspiration for blog writing. My aim is to try and write stuff that you actually want to read!

My inspiration for this blog post came whilst I was watching/listening to (when I was putting the finishing touches to some wedding fair promo gifts) ‘Come dine with me’ – an unlikely source for wedding blog writing you would think!

It was the couples version of the show and one couple had asked another if they were they married. The conversation then turned to weddings and specifically about how there are still a lot of a archaic traditions associated with marriage. – This bit I agree with, but it does’t mean you have to include all of them, if any, at your wedding!

What is a traditional wedding these days anyway!?

It then got me thinking about the weddings I’ve photographed and the couples I get to work with. Most of them have taken their wedding day and made it into what they want.

This year I’m looking forward to photographing more weddings of couples who are shaking tradition up a bit!

The photo above and the two below were taken at Clara and Kyle’s wedding.

Who says you have to cut the cake!?

wedding cake being blown up
pieces of wedding cake after being blown up

This is Anna and Rachael. On the morning of their wedding they spent it, getting ready together at the Rosewood Hotel in London.

They had some photos done together before heading to their ceremony at Asia House.

They also walked into the room their wedding was being held in, together.

two brides getting ready together
two brides together in London before their ceremony
two brides outside hotel in london

Sarah and Rob both got ready at home before their wedding at Rochdale town hall. This meant I also got to take photos of a groom getting ready – not something I get to do very often.

As all of their immediate family then travelled together on a double decker bus, along with Sarah and Rob. Once we got to the venue we were able to get the family group photos they wanted, done and dusted.

Before their wedding ceremony, Sarah, Rob and theirs guests had a short mindfulness session, which was a great alternative to getting straight on with things.

groom getting ready for wedding
bride getting ready at home before wedding
groom tying shoes
bride and groom get ready together

One of the most emotional ‘non-traditions’ I got to capture was Liv and Amy’s first look. They broke with tradition again when they walked into their ceremony at Didsbury Parsonage, together.

two brides first look before Didsbury parsonage wedding
emotional bride seeing wife to be for first time
two brides kiss before wedding ceremony
two brides enter wedding ceremony together

This is Michaela and Tom who turned tradition on it’s head. Their wedding at Kings Acre near Chester was proof that you don’t need to do things a certain way.

Their ceremony was written and performed by a friend, they both wrote personal vows to each other, Michaela rocked her pink hair and Tom, in only the way that Tom could rocked his hat and shorts.

outdoor ceremony at Kings acre wedding venue
bride with pink hair reading wedding vows

Jane and Liz arrived at their wedding at the National Space Centre together; Christine’s Grandson walked her down the aisle at her wedding to Scott and Sharon’s son did the honours (and a speech) when she married John.

These days there are no rules and traditions can be used as much or as little as you like, you will make your day unique and who knows, maybe even start some new ones?!

Planning a wedding where you have thrown the rule book out of the window? I’d love to hear from you!

two brides arrive in car together
bride and groom with grandson before wedding