Wedding DJ

Finding a DJ to play some tunes at your wedding can be a minefield (a bit like finding a wedding photographer!) Add to that, the first thing that often springs to mind is those DJs that ooze cheese. You know the ones, their playlists contain songs like the YMCA, I’m too sexy and The Macarena! Just think back to wedding evening ‘dos’ of the 90s. You get the idea!

Even if getting your guests up and dancing isn’t your thing, having some form of entertainment on your wedding day is always good.

This guest post is written by DJ Tony Nanton from SugarBumps. SugarBumps is based solely on quality grooves and tracks and delivering an uplifting vibe.

I met Tony last year at an event at Yarnton Manor. I was taking photos and he was doing his thing with the tunes. At one point I asked him if he would mind switching his lighting set-up off, whilst I took a quick photograph. Did he mind and get all stroppy? No. Did he say he wasn’t prepared to do that? No!* In fact I struck up quite a rapport with Tony, so not only do I like the way he works and the tunes he plays, he’s also an alright bloke too! So if you are looking for a DJ to play at your wedding or event, I know who I’d be getting in touch with…

(*Both of these things have happened to me at weddings with DJs!)

I approached Tony to write some words for me purely because I believe in what he does and I know what he can bring to your wedding. I didn’t however, expect him to write what he did…

I’m a DJ. I have hosted and promoted club events for 33 years. In that time I have also played carnivals, festivals, weddings, raves, corporates and oh, yes, back to weddings.

You see, through all those years of me playing musical gems that others have created. I have come across a lot of ‘togs’. That’s the funky name for photographers. Actually, there are a lot of them that I have an entirely different set of names for, but this isn’t the platform for that line of critique…

Occasionally, I come across a proper Tog. They get it. They make you forget why they are there, even with the box of magic in their hands.

Rosie at Ragdoll is one of those specials. Engaging, natural, chameleon in her approach. Steering you into that moment that needs catching, and then slipping into your comfort zone for those images you never saw coming, those ones that make you laugh, cry, smile, gasp.

Those ‘ultra’ togs are seriously few and far between. She hasn’t paid me to say this. It falls out of my fingers with ease, solely because it’s all so true and real.

Stop stressing, just book her.