smiling newly married couple

Solihull registry office wedding.

Being a wedding photographer based in Staffordshire means I’m pretty well located for most UK weddings. For my first wedding of 2019 I headed South to Solihull. I had met Selina’s Dad at a party I photographed earlier this year. He got in touch with me a few days later to say he loved my style of photography and to see if I was available to photograph his daughters civil ceremony and wedding party. Selina and Dan got me booked up and their wedding and party was a great way to start 2019.

Civil ceremony and wedding party.

I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at Solihull registry office, working there was a refreshing change. It was clear straight away that we were all on the same page wanting to create the best experience for Selina and Dan. After the ceremony we headed to a nearby park for some photos of just the two of them. As it turned out, the day had been one of the warmest February days on record and the park was full of people. Not quite what we were expecting! 

Wedding party at Prestige Suite.

This wedding was a bit different to any other that I have photographed. It was in two parts, on two different days. It was also my first experience of some parts of a Sikh wedding.  

The proper party was held at Prestige Suite, a week later. The night included the Nanki Shak, where the maternal side of Selina’s family, presented her with lot’s of gifts. Selina’s brother and his friends performed the Jhoomer (a dance often performed at wedding celebrations and then the Jaago (party) really started! And let me tell you, it was a great party! I loved being right in the thick of things, getting some great photos of the action. I was fed to within an inch of my life and totally welcomed into the celebrations on both days. 

More Sikh weddings please!

Groom having button hole attached to suit
father of bride passing rings to registrar
black and white photo of groom and family before wedding
emotional bride before wedding ceremony
father of bride giving daughter away
solihull registry office wedding
bride and groom laugh during civil ceremony at solihull registry office
exchange of wedding rings during ceremony
confetti being thrown
brides grandma feeding her sweets
portrait of bride and groom on wedding day
new husband and wife laughing together
husband and wife on wedding day
bride stood with new husband
smiling newly married couple
Guests arriving at wedding party
black and white photo of guest at wedding crying
Ladies dressed in saris singing
banter between women at wedding party
family gathered at prestige suite for wedding party
wedding guests looking at gifts
wedding guest having her sari adjusted
wedding party guests dancing with hands in the air
black and white picture of mother of the bride dancing
bride dancing with two wedding guests
young wedding guest asleep
man being lifted in the air
father of bride lifted up on shoulders
groom being lifted up on shoulders
wedding guests wearing red sari dancing
bride smiling whilst dancing
children holding hands dancing
wedding guest smiling at bride
brides brother bending down before starting a dance
bride and groom with hands in the air dancing
photo of people dancing at wedding party
wedding guest with hands together in the air dancing

Natural, unposed wedding photography.

As my photography style is all about capturing moments naturally, I don’t normally include photos of people looking at my camera in my blog posts. I always think that this might give the impression of me having staged or set up the photo, meaning it isn’t actually a real moment. Ideally when photographing weddings I want the couple and guests to carry on as if I was’t there, which I know, is easier said than done! For the most part of this Jaago, everyone was having such a good time, I was able to document nearly all of the celebrations in a really natural way, which I think (hope) shows them off best and conveys all the energy and feelings.

When taking photos of just the couple, I try to limit the amount of direction I give them, only because I think it’s actually quite nice for them both to have some time together, even if I am in the background taking photos. I also think this gives me chance to capture the real connection between two people.

Selina and Dan were great when it came to the photos of just the two of them. They trusted me when I suggested we use an old shipping container for a background and they also did a great job when we rocked up at the park, along with what felt like, half of Birmingham!

The last photo in this set however goes against all of that. This photo was taken mid way through everyone dancing. I did’t ask them all to face me for the picture, it just happened and I had to include it as I think it totally sums up the fun that was had – and that to me is what weddings should be about.