photo of outdoor wedding ceremony

All in one place wedding.

Wanting to keep things (relatively) simple? Why not do everything in one place? The majority of the weddings I photograph tend to be where the ceremony is held at the same place as the wedding breakfast and evening reception.

One of the newest wedding venues and most local to me is the stunning Standon Hall, which offers exclusive use, allows private catering and has the capacity for up to 100 guests.

Quite often these venues also have some sort of accommodation for you and your guests. Having accommodation on site for your guests can be useful as it gives them somewhere to go after the meal and before the evening reception. You and your partner can also get ready there on the morning of your wedding and you don’t have to think about transport to the ceremony. Many wedding venues come with a wedding coordinator who can be helpful for smooth running on your day and keeping everything on track. They can be a great asset on your wedding day and in the run up to it. Tell them your ideas and they will help your create it.

Want to get ready in the comfort of your own home? Booking an all in one venue still might be the option for you. It also means you could book some form of transport. In the seven years I’ve been photographing weddings, I’ve seen couples arrive at a venue in many different forms of transport.

Most of the venues I’ve photographed at are licensed to hold weddings, although they aren’t religious, they do provide a legal place to get married. Found a venue you love but it isn’t licensed? No problem! Do the legal bit another time, somewhere else.

Model stood outside Standon Hall holding wedding bouquet
groom having help with tie by best man
Photo of the outside of Hilltop country house
Wedding breakfast set up at Hilltop country house
black and white photo of father of bride crying
bride and groom embrace during wedding ceremony
first dance about to start

DIY Wedding.

Not a venue kinda couple? Not found a venue you love? Why not hire a blank canvas and do it yourself? A village hall…..A field….A cider farm…just a few places I’ve photographed weddings. It will mean a bit of work but the results can be amazing and you get exactly what you want. It will probably mean you having to do the legal bit somewhere else, but don’t let that stop you. There are even companies out there that will help you arrange your diy day. Providing you with props, helping you ‘dress your venue’ or putting you in touch with other suppliers, they can even help you find somewhere to hold your wedding. 

Or you can go full blown diy and do it all yourself. Get creative. Enlist the help of friends and family. It’s time to call in those favours. It can be done!

cider farm wedding venue
tipi wedding in Devon
vintage tea room set up at wedding in village hall
marquee set up for wedding breakfast


Ever thought of sacking off the whole wedding idea? Not having to think about the guest list, send out invites or all the logistics.

Time to throw out the rule book, if there is one?! Eloping might be the way forward, although this plan does need some careful thought.

Look into the legalities of where ever you have chosen to get married. You may need to do paperwork or provide ID.

Do things that make it special and special to the both of you. Get dressed up, go for a meal, have a bouquet made. Make memories. 

I might be biased but I’d also recommend having someone there to capture these memories. By booking a photographer you will have some beautiful photos to show your friends and family when you break the news to them.

newly married couple kiss inside church
Photo of couple having wedding ceremony with no guests

Church wedding.

Fewer and fewer of the weddings I photograph take place in a church but I do get a few of these ceremonies a year.

Having your ceremony in a church that has sentimental meaning to your family can be very special and as buildings go, churches can be stunning and make a great backdrop for your service.

Whilst religious institutions are gradually coming into the 21st century, some of the people who conduct the services are not. It’s worth checking with them beforehand if they are any dos and don’ts, especially for your photographer. Some have certain rules on confetti, readings and what photos can be taken and when.

black and white photo of wedding ceremony inside a church
photo taken of the outside of a church
bride and groom leaving church after wedding
photo of inside of a church
Bride and groom with vicar signing register
Inside Stonyhurst college church

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