newborn baby yawning

Natural newborn photography.

I recently got the chance to photograph a baby who was nine days old. It was only the third time I’ve photographed a tiny person and he was the tiniest tiny person of them all. 

If I’m being honest, if someone had asked me, I wouldn’t have said newborn photography was really my thing. For a start, I have no idea what to do with a tiny baby or how to handle one. Secondly I don’t have the photoshop skills to produce those images of sleeping babies holding their own head up.

Luckily the three people who have had me do it, are people that know my style and get what I do. No posing, nothing set up. Each time it was relaxed and enjoyable and I feel privileged to have been asked to document the early days of their lives.

It got me thinking about my photography and how I could be doing more with it, in eight years of doing this photography thing, I’ve cut myself off from doing something I love, without even realising it.

Unposed newborn photos.

From the start my style of photography has always been unposed, natural and documentary. I’ve applied this every wedding I’ve been lucky enough to photograph. In doing so I’ve captured some great images, met fantastic people and provided them with lasting memories from their wedding day. They booked me because they liked my style of photography, my undirected, relaxed approach.

An approach that actually works best, when applied to children and little ones! Ask a child to do something…andwill they!? If they don’t want to, then they won’t! As for babies…no chance! So the best way of photographing them, is them being themselves. 

I only realised I did this when I was editing the most recent photos I took. Nine day old Iroh.

So I don’t have to know what to do with a baby or be a photoshop wizard, I just know how to take photos.

There is nothing more wonderful than photographing a tiny baby, spending an hour with new parents capturing the love and interaction being shared or getting to hang out with the whole family just being together.

If you would like some natural, unposed photos taking of your little one or family, please get in touch. Ask me about my special offer!

*Edit. This photoshoot was done before Covid-19.

close up photo of newborns hands
baby holding finger of parent
newborn baby portrait
black and white photo of baby over mums shoulder
photo of adult hand and baby hand
mother holding baby
close up picture of babies hand
photo of newborn baby lying on bed
hands cradling head of newborn
young child kissing baby brother on head
close up photo of babies feet
black and white photo of hand holding newborn
photo of baby cuddling in
newborn baby yawning

Bounty Portrait photography.

You might have already had or have the option of having some Bounty photographs. That is a photographer who visits you on the hospital ward to take some photos of you and your new little person.

I get that the first few hours/days are so very important, but is this really the way you want you and your baby capturing? Bounty photographers generally only visit the wards in the mornings. Why be restricted? I can visit you at a location that is comfortable and convenient at a time that suits you best. Maybe once you have settled back at home and managed to catch forty winks. Get in touch with me!