More than just a Staffordshire wedding photographer!

“Rosie rocks!!” Zara & Nick

You’re wanting to suss out what kinda person I am and whether you could spend your wedding day with me, right?

Ok so this is the bit where I tell you all about me…..
…That I was born holding a camera, went to uni to learn all things photography and have been photographing weddings ever since?!


Not quite!

​I’m self taught (I learn through ‘doing’), have never been to uni and I’ve spent most of my years working with children who have special needs or challenging behaviour – this experience has given me a super-power ‘like’ ability, of being able to pick up on things before they happen, notice the tiniest details and see things a bit differently. – All of which comes in pretty handy when I’m capturing real moments at your wedding.

So I know how to use a camera and I ‘get’ people – and people are the thing that will make your wedding awesome!


The big love in my life is this dog. Freya. Be warned, if you start me off talking about her, I might not stop.

I’ve also got a bit of love going on for;

  1. The outdoors, coast + country. (Although I am a bit biased having lived near the ‘sea’ for twenty years.)
  2. Cider + most recently gin. (I’ve just discovered rhubarb gin…)
  3. Old VWs, the sound, the smell, the history.
  4. Food. (I tried to narrow this down but failed.)
  5. Hoodys + bobble hats + checked shirts. You can’t have too many, right?!
  6. Films. Don’t ask me what my favourite is because I will give you a massive list…Finding Nemo; Jurassic Park; X-Men; Miss Congeniality; Fast and Furious; Legally Blonde; Saw; Toy Story; Jackie Brown…someone stop me…
  7. When I’m in my car I think I’m the best singer ever. (In my head) I could stand in for Pink, be the lost member of The Killers, give Britney a run for her money, be an extra member of Abba…you get the idea right!? Don’t try and imagine it, it’s really not pretty!

I’m based in Staffordshire and being a wedding photographer is my full time job. I’ve been very lucky and travelled all over the country (and even abroad) with my cameras taking natural photos at weddings for couples who put their trust in me to capture the real feeling of their day.

Reckon you would like me at your wedding? (Even after reading all that!?)

Drop me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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